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Hey guys, I've been around LJ for awhile but left for some time.  But decided to come back and looking for some friends.  I'm not picky...I'll add pretty much anyone.  I'm very open and enjoy meeting new people.  I'm 19 and a Junior in College.  I live in Albany, New York.  Any other info you can get in my profile if I sparked interest.

I'm a History Major.
I go to SUNY Albany.
I'm a Uunior
I have a car.
I love playing Ultimate Frisbee.
Going to the movies is my favorite activity to spend money on.
I'm not afraid to cry at a movie either
I have a dog.
I speak French.
I'm learning German.
And Sign Language.
I'm trying to play the harmonica.
Mountain Dew=Love.
I love inside jokes---If we don't have one, we'll make one.
I'm job hunting.
I'm a Boy Scout---Which means I can teach you First Aid, how to tie knots, and live in the wilderness better than your Mother.
My weaknesses include long legs and puppy eyes.

AIM: Aubaine II

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